A Dentist Can Improve Your Love Life

by David Ward, DDS

Let’s assume that you found Mr or Miss Right a long time ago. Has your physical relationship changed over the years? Do you kiss the way you used to? Why or why not? Do you feel good enough to be romantic or do you
suffer from chronic pain in your head or face? Do you sleep well in the same bed together or do you sleep in different bedrooms? Problems with your love life could be connected to your mouth in more ways than one.

Kiss Bad Breath Goodbye!
One of the main reasons people get out of the habit of passionate kissing is chronic bad breath.
If one person has a smelly mouth, the other is not going to want to spend much time in a lip
lock. The most common reason for bad breath is gum disease. The good news: gum disease is
very treatable, and a dental exam might be your best bet to get your love life back on track.

Cuddle More: Relieve Your Chronic Pain
People who are in chronic pain from any source are not likely to feel romantic. Some chronic
pain issues are frequent migraine or tension headaches and also tempromandibular joint or
muscle pain (TMJ). Many of these headaches and virtually all TMJ issues are caused directly or
worsened by bruxism. Bruxism is intense clenching or grinding the teeth while sleeping. Many
people who clench their teeth will get headaches. Clench your teeth for just 5 minutes right now,
and see if you don’t get a headache! People who tend to grind their teeth are more likely to get
TMJ issues, but most people do a combination of the clenching and grinding. Drug-free, Food
and Drug Administration-approved, and proven effective treatments are available and provided
by trained dentists.

Sleep Better and Stop Your Snoring
Does your spouse’s snoring prevent you from sleeping well, or has it even forced you into different
bedrooms? A great way to reduce or eliminate snoring for many people is with a dentist
fabricated appliance. The device holds the lower jaw slightly forward. This opens the space
between the back of the tongue and the back of the throat allowing the air to flow much more
smoothly and quietly.
If you or your spouse is a loud snorer who seems to stop breathing for a few seconds periodically
during the night, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a possibility. This is a serious condition
which reduces quality of life. If you suspect OSA, talk to your dentist or physician about a sleep
study and other treatments.
You may not have considered it before, but your dentist might offer these services. From here
on out, you might refer to him or her as Dr Love!

Dr. David Ward practices family dentistry in Big Spring, Texas. He is a member of the Texas Dental Association.

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