Dr. Maryam Qureshi

Dr. Maryam Qureshi strives to empower her patients to become active participants in their own dental health. She has spent over a decade applying an integrated, whole health approach to caring for patients, specializing in areas of dental implants, TMJ, and cosmetic dentistry.

 Passionate about learning, she has completed extensive training in straightening aligners, cosmetic and the use of minimally invasive lasers. Dr. Qureshi especially is trained in detected occlusal disorders. Her methods include evaluating the TMJ, muscles and adaptation of each patient and looking at the effect it has on their dentition. She aims to provide beautiful results using painless techniques to treat dental disorders. She believes that applying a more preventative approach before fixing or moving teeth is not only a healthier way to do dentistry, but has proven to save patients from needing more costly dental and orthodontic work done down the road. And even better, our patients are finding that this whole health approach has widespread benefits, providing the foundation for a long and health life

Dr. Qureshi graduated as an honor graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry minor from University of Illinois at Chicago. She then received a Masters degree in Biotechnology from Rush University at Chicago. She went to University of Michigan School of Dentistry for her Doctorate degree where she won awards for excellence in clinical dentistry. Dr. Qureshi continues to pursue graduate learning at the Kois Center and Misch Resnick Institute of implant dentistry. She is licensed to practice dentistry in California, Illinois and Texas, and she is a member of the American Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

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