Gold Tooth Necklace Found in Titanic Wreckage

Watch the discovery of a prehistoric tooth necklace found in
the wreckage of the RMS Titanic.
By — Melissa Busch
Jun 23rd, 2023
A deepwater surveying company recently discovered
a necklace made from gold and a prehistoric shark’s
tooth in the wreckage of the RMS Titanic, which
sank in 1912 in the North Atlantic Ocean off the
coast of Newfoundland, according to news reports.
The Guernsey-based company Magellan discovered
the rare jewelry made with a Megalodon tooth after
producing a full-sized digital scan of the British
luxury liner, which had an estimated 2,200 people on
board when it hit an iceberg and sank.
Believed to be the largest underwater scanning
project to date, the company used two submarines
to produce 700,000 images of the wreckage and
then turned them into a moving scan.
Unfortunately, the precious object will have to stay
where it remains due to an agreement between the
U.K. and U.S., which prevents the public from
removing artifacts from the wreck and surrounding
bed, according to news reports.
However, this isn’t the end of the story. Magellan will
use artificial intelligence to try and contact family
members of the passenger who once wore the
necklace. Artificial intelligence and facial recognition
technology will analyze footage of passengers
boarding the Titanic.
Watch a video of the discovery below:

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