Survey: Dentists are embracing AI

About 35% of dentists have implemented artificial intelligence (AI) in their dental practice, according to a recent survey., an oral care information portal, surveyed 1,015 patients and 250 dentists in the U.S. in July to assess how AI is transforming dentistry and impacting patient care. 

“In recent years, the dental industry has experienced incredible advancements and rapid growth with the integration of cutting-edge technologies, specifically artificial intelligence (AI) in dentistry. However, the implementation of this hybrid computer-human intelligence has generated mixed reactions among stakeholders in the dental landscape,” said. 

Highlights of the findings include the following: 

  • Seventy-seven percent of surveyed dentists observed positive outcomes in their practice since implementing AI.
  • Eighty-one percent of dentists have a positive attitude toward AI applications in dentistry.
  • Sixty-two percent of dentists agreed that some operational tasks in dental clinics could be performed by AI.
  • Fifty-seven percent believe that AI could replace certain tasks currently performed by dentists. 

However, 55% of dentists indicated that they believe AI could result in potential layoffs in the dental care industry in the next five years, the survey found. 

In addition, 68% of patients said they believe in the potential benefits of AI applications, and 65% are open to receiving dental treatment or a diagnosis that incorporates AI in the future.

Ultimately, the survey sheds light on the progress and potential that AI holds for the future of dental care, said. 

“Although the pace of adoption is rather slow, most practitioners agree that AI has its benefits, including faster and more efficient workflows, predictive analytics for patient outcomes, improved accuracy in diagnosis, enhanced treatment planning, and personalized treatment options,” the organization concluded.

From Dr. Bicuspid

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